The single part of Arcadian land that is bathed by the sea is the area of Kynouria. It is located in the southeastern part of the province, on the Gulf of Argos and the Myrtoo Sea. The sea is completely clean and free of danger, combining beautiful beach resorts with easy access from Athens and Tripoli!


In the summer months, the beaches of Astros receive thousands of foreign and local vacationers, who prefer them for the sun, the hospitality, the service, the cleanliness of the sea, their picturesque nature, their traditional appearance, the quality and the way of life of the inhabitants, the willing and faultless provision of services!

Besides swimming, from the small harbor to the site of Portes and even farther away, the thick pebbles, the sand, soft as velvet, the easy access, the clean waters, and tranquility… irresistible magnets… attract thousands of people.



It is no exaggeration for us to state that the sea and beaches of Kynouria have no reason of any consequence to envy the most famous ones in our country; on the contrary, they are superior!

The fish restaurants, literally next to the waves, like the bars, coffee shops, and hotels, all with a high level of quality, are at the level of the demanding visitor who knows how to distinguish something good. In the summer, many entertaining events are organized, all with a superior aesthetic quality. As we ascend the heights, towards the fortress, we can enjoy an ouzo and then keep going towards the summit. Wherever we are in Arcadia, we enjoy an attractive view. The view from here is spectacular! Below, on an outcropping of the cliff, the lighthouse. Moustos, a small distance away. A small lagoon fed by a spring. A natural breeding ground for fish and a refuge for waterfowl during the winter months.

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