In the world of design, we create spaces with the purpose of
reflect your personality and needs. We undertake the
design in a variety of areas, covering a wide range of services.

Property Design steps

From design to installation, learn the key steps of property design: pre-design, design and post-design.
Pre-design phase
From initial concept to final evaluation, the property design includes pre-planning (initiation, feasibility, site selection), planning (conceptual, schematic, development) and post-planning ( auction, construction, evaluation).
Design stage
The design phase includes conceptual design for initial concepts, schematic design for detailed sketches, design development for technical refinement, and construction documentation for permitting and bidding documents, optimizing project planning and execution.
After design stage
In the post-design phase, activities include tendering/procurement, construction management, commissioning/occupancy and post-occupancy evaluation. These ensure contractor selection, oversee construction, verify system performance, and evaluate building functionality for future improvements.

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